Nov 3, 2021

Top Picks November 2021

Halloween New England's fans know better than to think Halloween season ends October 31st, right?

There are still a number of very worthwhile events to enjoy during the first weeks of November - and the best part? Fewer crowds, more personal experience, and an extended Halloween season all lined up for you!

Most haunts wrapped up their season last weekend but you'll find a handful who will be open into November and they would love to draw you in for a final Halloween hurrah. It's your last, best chance to pack in extra thrills before your favorite season is over until next fall.

Before we close up the proverbial (blog) shop, let us express our deepest thanks to everyone who followed Halloween New England, read our blogs, visited our event picks, sent us updates and feedback about their Halloween adventures, and let others know about the resource that our site and community aims to be for Halloween fans everywhere. Additionally, the Halloween New England team expanded in 2021, and because of Gail, Lisa, Becky, and Ciara, we were able to attend more events first-hand, be in more places, and provide you with wider Halloween coverage. And one of most significant improvements to Halloween New England this year was the brand new website which would not have been possible without the enormous effort and commitment from our developer Justin at JR Computer Associates and Wendy from NH's own Wetherbee Creative. So much credit for this memorable season goes to the enthusiasm, insight, and passion of the wider HNE team who collectively worked to better serve Halloween fans in every pocket of New England.
May you all have a wonderful "off-season" and we look forward to reconnecting in 2022!

FIVE Haunts are open this Friday, November 5th and EIGHT will be open on November 6th!
But only ONE haunt will also be open on Thursday, November 4th and Sunday, November 7th which is Barrett's Haunted Mansion. Nothing makes us happier than an extra weekend of haunting. Here's the complete list on our Haunted Attractions Open in November Guide.

Thursday, November 4th

Friday, November 5th
Nightmare Acres (South Windsor, CT)
Curioporium (Hartford, CT)
Fright Kingdom (Nashua, NH)
SpookyWorld (Litchfield, NH)
Saturday, November 6th
Trail of Terror (Wallingford, CT)
Legends of Fear (Shelton, CT)
Nightmare Acres (South Windsor, CT)
Curioporium (Hartford, CT)
Fright Kingdom (Nashua, NH)
SpookyWorld (Litchfield, NH)

Sunday, November 7th

You might be surprised to find there are still a number of terrific events lined up in November to whet your Halloween/Horror appetite. You can always find the complete event listings for each New England state on our website Halloween New England.

Connecticut (Events Guide)

Enjoy a spooky dinner this Saturday, November 10th at the Murder Mystery Dinner at the Captain Daniel Packer Inne located in Mystic, CT.
Join Seaside Shadows for a special evening based on a real Packer family mystery and the true residents of the 1754 restaurant and neighboring region as guests try to solve the mystery of who killed one of the Packers. Seaside Shadows and Daniel Packer Inne host this thematic, 18th-century period-centric dinner. A multi-course dinner and drink tickets will be provided.
This month, Seaside Shadows will also be offering their limited tour of the Elm Grove Cemetery situated amidst a beautiful rural landscape cemetery in Mystic, CT. Elm Grove Cemetery was established in 1853 on the precipice of the Victorian Gothic era and the American Civil War. The Seaside Shadows' Elm Grove Tour allows guests to walk through Victorian Era Mystic via the resting places of notable Mystic residents at Elm Grove Cemetery – focused on dark history, shocking events, and the founding families of the seafaring town.
Book now for tours on Saturday, November 7th & Sunday, November 27th and 
Saturdays, December 5th & 19th.

Massachusetts (Events Guide)

Oddity Marketplace
at Mill No. 5 in Lowell is where you can get all your spooky-themed gifts for the holidays. This Saturday, November 6th, Mill No. 5 has an oddity-themed pop-up marketplace featuring local vendors and artisans for a fun and creative afternoon of shopping! Free to attend.

Haunted Footsteps Salem Ghost Tours is still being offered on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings throughout November! Delve into Salem's macabre past as a knowledgable and charismatic guide regales you with true tales of documented paranormal activity, chilling cemeteries, and centuries-old murder. Walking tours give you a wonderful perspective of the quaint city.
This is a fully-outdoor tour and even dogs are permitted to attend (with the exception of the cemetery portion).

Rhode Island (Events Guide)

Do you want to be a ghostbuster? Learn about the History of the Paranormal Nighttime Investigations on Friday and Saturday, November 12th and 13th in Lincoln, RI. As part of the weekend exhibit, there will be a paranormal investigation led by Brian Cano on Friday evening with two sessions, lasting two hours long each.
The Friday evening session is designed for those wishing to experience what an investigation entails.  
For those wanting a longer session, there will be one four-hour session on Saturday evening -- the Saturday night hunt is for those who really want to roll up their sleeves and experience the place.
Joining Brian on the Saturday investigation are special guests, Rhode Island’s Carl Johnson (Ghost Hunters), and Elise Giammarco Carlson (Panorama Paranormal).

Oct 25, 2021

Weekly Top Picks Oct. 27th- 31st, 2021

Halloween week has arrived - and the most special night of the year lands on a Sunday night! We couldn't be more pleased to be able to pack in a full week of events, haunts, tours, and other seasonal goodies.

Halloween New England is publishing our top picks early this week to give you plenty of time to find something to line up for every night of the week! What a difference a year makes - this year you won't be turning over rocks to find Halloween thrills and spooky fun.  Even better, Halloween New England is publishing our top picks early this week to give you plenty of time to find something to line up for every night of the week up to and through the big night!

Halloween Week Haunted History - Special Events, Spooky Strolls, and Graveyard Walks in CT

Nothing beats a haunted history tour through a graveyard in late autumn--it perfectly captures the Halloween season in New England! Even better, an outdoor tour is well-suited to physical distancing and organic ventilation. If you are in Connecticut - or are seeking a special way to ring in Halloween week - Seaside Shadows Haunted History Tours has an expanded tour schedule you'll want to check out. Advance bookings for everything are essential during Halloween week! 

Wednesday, October 27th - Moonlit Mystic Graveyard Ghost Tour at 7:00pm 
Thursday, October 28th - Downtown Mystic Ghost Tour at 7:00pm
Friday, October 29th - Moonlit Mystic Graveyard Ghost Tour at 7:00pm 
Saturday, October 30th - Downtown Mystic Ghost Tour at 7:00pm & Moonlit Graveyard Ghost Tour at 7:00 & 9:15pm​​​​
Saturday, October 30th Whitehall Burial Ground Paranormal Investigation (details). Join us for a special Halloween Weekend interactive paranormal investigation of the historic Whitehall Burial Ground. Tickets are $40 for this 11:30pm event. 
Sunday, October 31st (Halloween) - Downtown Mystic Ghost Tour at 7:00pm & Moonlit Graveyard Ghost Tour at 7:00pm
Monday, November 1st (All Saints Day) - Downtown Mystic Ghost Tour at 7:00pm 
Tuesday, November 2nd (All Souls Day) - Moonlit Mystic Graveyard Ghost Tour at 7:00pm 
Read more about Seaside Shadows in Mystic, CT.

Last Call for Costumes - Halloween and Costumes Guide to help you out!

Is Halloween sneaking up on you fast? 
Halloween New England has simplified your costume needs by listing all your state's Costume and Halloween stores right in one place. We have lists of locally-owned, year-round, as well as many seasonal pop-up stores so get moving soon to snap up those final details for your costume. Every year we research the stores to make sure they are where we have them listed and we always make sure we've got this year's list of pop-up, seasonal stores so you are never left hanging for those final details to round out your perfect costume.

Click to see Halloween New England's complete Costume and Halloween Store guides for 
Rhode Island, ConnecticutMaineMassachusettsNew Hampshire and Vermont.

It's Halloween Week so it is your last, best chance to see as many haunts as you can pack in before your favorite season is over. 

Wednesday, October 27th has just two New England area haunted attractions that'll be open so make a point to get to Fall River, MA for Factory of Terror and to Abington, MA for Barrett's Haunted Mansion.

Thursday, October 28th offers up ten local attractions to choose from including Haunted Overload's Fright Night Lite (Lee, NH), Demented FX (Holyoke, MA), Fear Town (Seekonk, MA), Legends of Fear trail (Shelton, CT), Barrett's Haunted Mansion (Abington, MA)and  The Dark Manor (Baltic, CT) will be open with Student Night deal of $5 off admission with student ID.

Click for a complete list visit our Guide to which Haunted Attractions are Open Weeknights.

Sunday, October 31st - Halloween Night! 
If ringing in your favorite night of the year involves screams, scares, fog, and the stuff of nightmares then you know what you need to do - get your butt to an area haunted house to make this night most memorable!
TWENTY-NINE haunted houses and trails will be open on Halloween Night including 
13th World (Cumberland, RI)The Dark Manor (Baltic, CT), Terror at Quassy (Middlebury, CT), Trail of Terror (Wallingford, CT), Legends of Fear trail (Shelton, CT), Factory of Terror (Fall River, MA), DementedFX (Holyoke, MA) Terror in the Maze (East Longmeadow, MA), Barrett's Haunted Mansion (Abington, MA), Fear on the Farm at McCray's Farm (South Hadley, MA), and Haunted Overload will be presenting their annual Blackout Night (Lee, NH).

Click for a complete list visit our Guide to which Haunted Attractions are Open on Halloween.

Massachusetts Halloween Events (Full Guide)

So many events happening in the Bay State during Halloween week-- we had a tricky time paring down to our top picks!

Start your Halloween week on Wednesday, October 27th! Have you ever heard a story you didn’t think was true, but then thought… what if? Bloody Mary in the mirror? The Hook by Lover’s Lane? White Lady ghosts? Stolen body parts? Why do similar stories pop up all over the world? Are they more than just stories?
Come take an entertaining and enlightening journey through the (proverbial) graveyard on Wednesday, October 27th with author and folklorist Jeff Belanger during his presentation Dark Journeys: Exploring Urban Legends. For over 20 years, Jeff has been exploring the unexplained. He seeks out history, folklore, ghosts, monsters, and legends all over the world and in your backyard.
This indoor program is for adults (high school age and up) and take note it will be held inside at the Lynnfield Meetinghouse (not at the library facility itself).  

A visit to the Witch City is never complete unless you include something unique--This Wednesday, October 27th is the Samhain Ritual at Maison Vampyre in Salem may be just the thing to add to your Halloween experiences. You will not be expected to participate in this ritual if you do not desire to, and are welcome to observe our beautiful ritual and tradition outside the circle if you would feel more comfortable.

Phantoms & Fire at Old Sturbridge Village
 continues its after-hours spooky delights from bats and bonfires to cauldrons and candy, from ghosts and guitars, theatrical poetry and storytelling, horror and…maybe even…a headless horseman! Take your entire family to Sturbridge this Halloween week as there is something for every age around every corner at this living history museum on Wednesday, October 27th through Sunday, October 31st.

In Lowell, this Thursday through Saturday, you'll find the final performances of "A Crime in a Madhouse" a visceral, horror-filled theatre production in the style of Grand-Guignol and presented by VitalSaenz at Mill No. 5. This is designed as an intense, interactive show and is not for the faint of heart. Want to know where Halloween New England will be? We'll be here at the Thursday night performance because this kind of seasonal event is right up our horror- and theatre-loving alley.

Thursday, October 28th is a great night to learn more about Halloween: A Haunted History, at the Taft Public Library in Mendon! With over 25 years of experience researching the unknown, Dustin Pari brings exciting and positive lectures about the paranormal all across the country. Dustin has traveled the world over looking for answers and expanding his understanding of the unseen realm and is joining the library on this night to share it with you.
Frightful Friday Ghost Stories at the Gore Mansion
 in Waltham is full of spooky tales, but nothing too scary! The 45-minute program features five dramatic tellings of ghost stories and lore.
On Frightful Friday, October 29th, choose from the 6:30pm or the 7:45pm program.
The event takes place outdoors under a spacious tent where tables and chairs will also be provided for comfort. The site is accessible, and modern indoor restrooms will be available. Please, dress for the weather.

3rd Degree of Terror, an annual home haunt in Ayer is waiting for you to stop by this Friday, October 29th-Sunday, October 31st. As an established, free, home haunt in the area, Third Degree of Terror is open just three nights a year each Halloween weekend so this is your one shot to check it out! This community haunt is designed for all ages and contains detailed, realistic, and immersive scenes, utilizing lighting, sound effects, and scents to full advantage. The emphasis is on creating a spooky and creepy atmosphere and you might even find Halloween New England popping by to see it this year too!

Encounter the literary spirits of Concord's The Old Manse this Friday and Saturday, October 29th and 30th at the special Spirits of the Old Manse event. Join them for attic tours, art activities for children and families, readings of spooky stories written by Nathanial Hawthorne, and stay for s’mores around our fire pit!
The topic is haunted houses this week at the Worcester Library Horrorfest. What house is more haunted than the Overview Hotel? See The Shining" Screening at Worcester Library HorrorFest in Worcester, MA on Friday, October 29th. The film will be discussed, as well as books and lore based on the topic. Ages 18 and up are welcome--be sure to pre-register to save your spot.
Get your fill of terror at the Annual Halloween Horror Marathon at The Coolidge in Brookline this Saturday, October 30th as the Horror Marathon returns for its monstrous 20th year! There is a special perk this year which is composer Alan Howarth (credits: They Live, Halloween II) will be on-site at the beginning to treat you to a concert performance of some of his memorable scores right at the top of the evening at 11pm. Post-show, the horror films will kick off for twelve hours straight with a curated selection of incredible horror film sequels—all on 35mm! 

For old-school classic horror on Saturday, October 30th, view "The Haunted House" (1921) and "Nosferatu" (1922) with live accompaniment on the Wurltizer Organ. Screening at the Zeiterion Theatre in New Bedford. Organist Bernie Anderson provides the soundtrack for The Haunted House (1921), which follows Buster Keaton on the run and hiding in an abandoned house where a visiting opera company of "Faust" also seeks refuge. The influential horror film Nosferatu (1922) tells the story of a mysterious Count Orlok (Max Schreck), an undead night creature with a taste for human blood.

Take advantage of the wonderfully crisp October evenings we've been enjoying and get outside. Superstitions have long surrounded Copicut Woods in Fall River with rumors of witchcraft and other paranormal activity which circulate the property to this day. Join Halloween New England--yep we'll be there!-- this Friday, October 29th for Myth Busters: Lore and Magic in Copicut Woods as we'll be guests on this special tour exploring the history of Copicut’s local lore. This guided hike will travel through an abandoned farm settlement and the 150-year-old stone-wall-lined Miller Lane.
The Costume Nature Hike at Slocum River Reserve in Dartmouth, MA is for Halloween enthusiasts of all ages! All are welcome on this hike, where we will learn about the wildlife at the beautiful Slocum River Reserve.

Take a peek at more all-ages events coming up in MA on our Family-friendly Halloween Event Guide for MA.

Connecticut Halloween Events (Full Guide)

Limited space left to join the 
Paranormal Pub Crawl with Seaside Shadows in Mystic, CT on Thursday, October 28th for fun night featuring Mystic's own Barley Head microbrewery.
Join Seaside Shadows guides for a walk through Mystic's Water Street featuring true ghostly tales and dark history of this bustling region of downtown Mystic and hear about the haunting tales of your favorite local pubs and taverns. This tour will feature stops at some of your favorite local pubs featuring Barley Head brews allowing you to sample a different flavor at each stop along the way. The tour includes a total of three beers! 

Tap into your inner zombie - live out your 80's music video dreams! The Thriller Flash Mob is looking for Zombies ages 13 and up for an organized flash mob taking place on Halloween night in New Milford! Only two final rehearsals to join -- Wednesday, October 27th and Saturday, October 30th. You'll learn a modified version of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and you do not have to be a dancer! You will learn the entire dance in one rehearsal then be given a video link to practice to. The more rehearsals you attend, the better, but you only need to attend one. All are welcome to join; children ages 6-12 are invited to participate if they are accompanied by an adult and act appropriately.

These rehearsals are leading up to the annual Thriller Flash Mob performance on Halloween Night. Open to all to view, the performance will be held on the New Milford town green on Sunday, October 31st at 6:30pm during "Trunk or Treat". This event will be filmed and produced for YouTube.

It is the last weekend to see "Night of the Living Dead" A Play in Three Acts (theatre) at The Bradley Playhouse in Putnam. As the story goes, when a group of conflicted strangers are trapped in a rural Pennsylvania farmhouse by marauding ghouls, can the strangers overcome their prejudice and suspicions to survive the night? Based upon the 1968 American independent horror film by George A. Romero, co-written by John Russo, this version has been adapted for the stage with new scenes by John F. Carroll. Find evening performances on Friday and Saturday, October 29th and 30th plus a Halloween Day matinee on October 31st.

In addition to nightly scares and screams at The Dark Manor Haunted House in Baltic, there are two additional events to highlight for them this week. Students get rewarded on Thursday, October 28th during Student Night where it's $5 off admission with ID to this spooky indoor and outdoor haunted house. For those not up for the scares and shrieks, it's your final opportunity to visit the "Daytime Matinee Haunt" on Saturday, October 31st --a low-scare, daytime, lights-on twist for some lighter-fare starting at noon.
The Not So Scary Halloween Drive-Through in East Haddam is taking place this Friday and Saturday night October 29th and 30th with an experience designed for young children, but fun for all ages!
​Take a drive through the magical Pony Trail which has been decorated and lit up for Halloween! With all sorts of exciting sights on the way you'll be treated to their human characters dressed to the occasion! Candy will be passed out to the little visiting goblins.
This will be a fun event offered in daylight and in the dark. The only difference is in the dark you will see all the beautiful lights! This event is offered as a drive-through experience only. 

Check out more upcoming Halloween events for kids at our Family-friendly Halloween Event Guide for all-ages fun in CT.

New Hampshire Halloween Events (Full Guide)

It's a big final weekend in Lee, NH where Haunted Overload wraps up their haunt season with a series of special nights. On Thursday, October 28th you'll find their final Fright Night Lite -- a full nighttime light/sound/fog experience which still delivers their signature spooky atmosphere but without the actors or scares. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, October 29th - 31st will be your last weekend to enjoy the Daytime Haunt at Haunted Overload where you can set your own pace on a self-guided stroll between the artistically conceived creatures and treetop tall structures that line the impressively creative haunted trail. Without the actors or darkness of night, the Daytime Haunt is a perfect way to enjoy the spooky atmosphere of the trail without the screams and scares.

On Saturday, October 30th you can take the hair-raising fun up a notch at Haunted Overload's  Glow Stick Night where your single glow stick is the only standing between you, pitch darkness, and pure terror. However, if pure terror IS your speed, then you'll be glad to know there is also BLACKOUT Night available to you - no glow stick, just your own bravery and sense of direction to help you navigate. Appropriately, this most frightening of events is taking place this year on Sunday, October 31st - Halloween night.

Friday and Saturday, October 29th and 30st are your final two nights to enjoy The Salisbury Woods Haunted Barn and Trail special spooky trail fundraising event in Salisbury, NH.
"Dracula" at The Strand in Dover offers up a weekend of theatrical performance running Friday through Sunday, October 29th-31st --Halloween Fun For the Whole Family!!
The premise surrounds Lucy Seward, whose father is the doctor in charge of an English sanatorium, who has been attacked by some mysterious illness. Dr. Van Helsing, a specialist, believes that the girl is the victim of a vampire, a sort of ghost that goes about at night sucking blood from its victims.  The play is intended for all who love thrills in the theater and is appropriate for all groups.

"The Invisible Man" / "The Wolfman" Double-feature Screening
on  Saturday, Oct. 30th in Londonderry, NH is double the scary fun! Universal is celebrating the 90th Anniversary of their Classic Monsters with a special double feature of the original The Invisible Man and The Wolf Man! Plus, fans will get an exclusive tour of the Universal Studios lot!
This Saturday, October 30th is the final FREE Costume Building Night at Port City Makerspace in Portsmouth, NH. Halloween is truly a maker's holiday, and we love it! To share the love every year Port City Makerspace offers Free Costume-Building Nights to encourage people to go above and beyond for the costume! Their classroom space and Electronics Lab spaces are open for use during these nights from 5-8pm. Members and volunteers will be around to work on their costumes and help you with yours! If you need help with another part of the shop, they can help you operate the equipment or guide you through the workspaces. FREE event but reserve your ticket and space. Suggested donation for these nights is $5, and all donations will go to the Portsmouth Halloween Parade.

If you are still on the lookout for additional kids' activities, visit our Family-friendly Halloween Events Guide for fun in NH.

Rhode Island Halloween Events (Full Guide)   

We're thrilled to support a special hour of Sensory-friendly Jack-O'-Lantern Spectacular which takes place 60 minutes before the trail opens to the public. Designed for participants with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and sensory-processing differences, this calmer event will take place from 5:00–6:00 pm over two nights - Tuesday and Wednesday, October 26th and 27th. The over-5000 pumpkins will light up the Zoo’s Wetlands Trail and the sensory-friendly hour will be completely free of music or special effects. Tickets are available for purchase in person only at the Zoo's admissions booth. 

It's the final days of carved pumpkin magic at the Jack-O'-Lantern Spectacular at the Roger Williams Zoo. Guests can stroll, or dance their way, past thousands of intricately carved pumpkin display while listening to soundtracks from the 1860’s through contemporary music.

On  Friday, October 29th, the BankNewport City Center, in Providence invites you to dance and skate your way into the night with a wicked good time at the last roller disco of the season - BOOgie Bash and Costume Contest from 5:00pm- 10:00pm. This is an all-ages event and everyone is encouragedto dress up for the evening's costume contest!
This Saturday, October 30th in East Greenwich, take a jump to the left at the "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" Screening with performances by RKO Army. In this exciting show, the RKO Army brings the cult classic movie, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, from screen to stage in an interactive event that will have you on your feet dancing and shouting lines back at the film.
This performance also includes RKO Army's performance of Michael Jackson's Thriller!
The Providence Monster Dash 5K & Kids Dash on Halloween Sunday October 31st -- a  fun Halloween run where most people dress up in Halloween outfits!
This run takes participants through the RIPTA bus tunnels which have been overrun by ZOMBIES!!!!! For the more family-friendly version, the Kids Monster Dash Youth Race (Age 1 to 12 where parents can run with kids) and the youth race does not use the zombie tunnel and the distance is approximately 1/2 mile.

Looking for more kids' activities? Check out our Family-friendly Halloween Events Guide for fun in RI.

Maine Halloween Events (Full Guide)

For people of all ages who appreciate a creepy Halloween activity, make a beeline to Judgement Day at the Haunted Courthouse in Dresden! Taking place at the Pownalborough Court House on Friday, October 29th, participants will experience a tour of the haunted courthouse and cemetery with hauntings provided by people portraying the ghosts of Pownalborough’s past.
An outdoor fire with seating will allow guests to enjoy the grounds before or after their tour. Hot chocolate and cider will be provided.
Ballet Spooktacular at Portland Ballet will be performing their annual Halloween show in Westbrook, ME this Saturday, October 30th with a family-friendly presentation of Halloween-inspired ballet by students of the Senior and Pre-Professional Divisions at Portland School of Ballet!
Halloween-themed dances are combined with famous classical music for a performance that is ideal for all ages! This performance will include a raffle drawing and costume parade at intermission, so come dressed in your best Halloween costume!
"Phantom of the Opera" (1925) and the Kotzschmar Organ
in Portland, ME is back in Merrill Auditorium! Join Municipal Organist James Kennerley on Saturday, October 30th as he brings life, intrigue and, most importantly, brilliant musical accompaniment to The Phantom of the Opera, a 1925 American silent musical horror film adaptation of Gaston Leroux’s 1910 novel Le Fantôme de l’Opéra, starring Lon Chaney in the title role of the deformed Phantom. Kennerley improvises the music for these events, and no two performances are ever the same.

Take your furry friend in tow this Saturday 30th for a visit to Paloween: Trick or Treat at Animal Welfare Society in Kennebunk. This is a family-friendly event hosted by the Animal Welfare Society who will have treats for the dogs, cats and rabbits in the AWS Adoption Center. Other fun includes a costume parade and a Halloween-themed scavenger hunt around AWS' campus. Paloween is an outdoor event and takes place rain or shine.

Presque Isle Haunted Hearse Tour departs from Historic Fire Station and asks you to contemplate -- are there really ghosts and lingering spirits in Presque Isle? Halloween Night - October 31st--offers the final chances to join this special tour - choose from tours running at 6:00pm, 7:30pm, and 9:00pm. This is a rain or shine event.

Vermont Halloween Events (Full Guide)

Newport Halloween Monster Bash
in Newport has all of your Halloween fun events rolled into one place! On Saturday October 30th creep on over to Newport for tricks, treats, games, and activities for the whole family including a Halloween Costume Contest, t
rick-or-treating, wagon rides, and a Halloween Carnival featuring spooktacular games and haunted hallways.

Also happening on Saturday, October 30th, consider joining Queen City Ghost tours' very own Thea Lewis (Haunted Burlington, Haunted Inns and Ghostly Getaways of Vermont) for Darkness Falls Ghost Tour in Burlington, VT a trip through time on this perennial favorite. This downtown Burlington tour introduces you to the notorious historic characters from Burlington’s and intriguing haunted locations. This is a tour suitable for ages 10 and up at parental discretion as some sensitive subject matter is included.

CONTESTS: Last Chance for Ghost Tour Tickets!

Our final two contests of the season are running RIGHT now but only through this weekend! Act fast and enter as often as you wish to try your luck at winning a pair of tickets to Block Island Ghost Tours and a  Haunted Footsteps Ghost Tour with Salem Historical Tours. Both contest tickets offer redemption into 2022 (woohoo) so you can access your spooky fun well ahead of Halloween next year if you score these tickets. Enter all contests right from the home page on Halloween New England.
As always, you can find recent winners to all our contests if you tune in to Halloween New England's Instagram Story!

Oct 19, 2021

Weekly Top Picks Oct. 21st-26th, 2021

As we round into the final weeks of October there are more events than ever-- both in-person and virtual - to mark the celebration of your favorite time of year. There are even plenty of events happening on weeknights, mostly virtual, to feed your Halloween mood and to keep you in a spooky state of mind as you slide into the weekend.

You will have more than enough options to celebrate Halloween your way - whether it be taking jaw-dropping Jack O' Lanterns, online costume classes, ghost tours, spooky storytelling events, contests, online how-tos, pumpkin events. or getting in your thrills at local haunts. 

Good luck narrowing down your agenda but the good news is we're offering up some great Top Picks to get you right into Halloween week.

Spooky Zoo and Sensory-friendly nights at The Jack O'Lantern Spectacular

Families will want to join the festivities at the Roger Williams Zoo in Providence, RI this Saturday and Sunday, October 23rd and 24th is the return of the beloved Spooky Zoo with daytime outdoor autumn activities for the whole family.
Trick-or-treat on the Treat Trail inside the zoo beginning at 10:00am. All Spooky Zoo activities are free with Zoo admission. All activities are weather permitting and while supplies last.
It's also the final week and a half to catch the atmospheric and mesmerizing Jack O'Lantern Spectacular which is open every night through Sunday, October 31st at the Roger Williams Zoo.
A wonderful addition to this year's Spectacular is the new Sensory-friendly Night at the Jack-o-Lantern Spectacular which is offered one hour before the trail opens to the public. Designed for those with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and sensory processing differences (and their families!) the over 5000 pumpkins will light up the Zoo’s Wetlands Trail,  but without the environmental music or special effects. Find Sensory-friendly nights from 5:00pm-6:00pm on Tuesday, October 26th and Wednesday,  October 27th. 

Burial Ground Paranormal Investigations over Halloween weekend!

Join Seaside Shadows Haunted History Tours in Mystic, CT on Saturday, October 23rd for two very special Halloween Week interactive paranormal investigations of the historic Whitehall Burial Ground.
The annual Whitehall Burial Ground Paranormal Investigations begin in Mystic just before the clock strikes midnight. Haunted by specters from the 17th-19th centuries, guests will utilize real ghost hunting and paranormal equipment as they set forth on a quest to interact with those who walked Mystic's past. The investigation even includes a mini version of their Cemetery Tour!. 
These investigations sell out every year so get your tickets ASAP for the Saturday, October 23rd, and October 30th events.

Never too late to pick pumpkins at a local patch!

As you know by now, Halloween New England makes it so easy to find a local pumpkin patch for carving your Jack-O'-lanterns in time for Halloween! Add the various community pumpkin carving contests and pumpkin displays to the mix of your pumpkin-buying needs and you will certainly need to stock up on more than a few!

We have state-by-state guides and maps to all your local farms featuring pumpkin patches and PYO pumpkins.

Click on your state for Halloween New England's Pumpkin Patch Guides for ConnecticutMaineMassachusettsNew HampshireRhode Island, and Vermont.

Still Time to Find Costumes for Halloween Events, Parties, and Masquerades!

Halloween New England makes it a snap to find your state's Costume and Halloween stores. We have lists of locally-owned, year-round, as well as many seasonal pop-up stores so you're never left in the lurch finding the perfect details for your costume.

Click to see Halloween New England's complete Costume and Halloween Store guides for Rhode Island, ConnecticutMaineMassachusettsNew Hampshire and Vermont.

Massachusetts Halloween Events (Full Guide)

Celebrate the full moon this Thursday, October 21st with evening hikes guided by lunar light--a perfect way to slow down and enjoy the sights and smells of being outdoors in October.
Check out the Full Moon Hike at Appleton Farms in Ipswich, MA, and the Moonlight Hike at World's End in Hingham, MA. Both are great opportunities to bond, get your kids outside under the stars, and share the joys of nature at night with your family. Pre-registration online is required.
The Vampyres invite you into the elegant space of Maison Vampyre in Salem, MA this Friday, October 22nd for an author meet and greet with Coby Micheal, writer of The Poison Path Herbal.
Coby Michael is an author, researcher, teacher, and poisoner who is well versed in plant lore and ritual entheogens. With a background in religious studies, focusing on folklore and magick, he teaches numerous workshops on plant magick, esoteric herbalism, and the Poison Path.

On Friday, October 22nd in the afternoon, you are invited to discuss "Rosemary's Baby" at Worcester Library HorrorFest in Worcester, MA. Other books and lore around this week's discussion theme on the devil will be explored. Ages 18 & up welcome.
Nocturnal Animal Pumpkin Trail is being held daily from Friday, October 22nd through next week at the Stevens-Coolidge House & Gardens, North Andover, MA.
This year’s Nocturnal Animal Trail offers a display of pumpkins and lanterns, a story walk, and a nocturnal animal scavenger hunt to excited your little ones along a safe and socially-distanced trail. Costumes are welcome!

You'll love the Concord Tour Company's atmospheric walk through two of Concord MA's oldest cemeteries as we explore everything about our graves from burial customs to iconography. The Grave Addiction Cemetery Tour is a humorous and sometimes chilling look at the stories behind the stones. The tour route will walk for about 1-mile total over a combination of rough, uneven ground and some paved sidewalks in low light. These twilight tours are offered on Friday through Sunday at twilight during every weekend in October through Halloween.
Bonus! Use promo code HALLNE2021 for 10% off Grave Addiction standard admission pricing.

Grave Detectives! for Kids & Families
 is an interactive discovery tour for kids and adults exploring the art, history, and sometimes funny stories behind the gravestones.
Grave Detectives! by The Concord Tour Company, will introduce families to some of Concord MA’s oldest history that is hiding in plain sight at Old Hill Burying Ground. This tour will introduce kids to how to read gravestone iconography, how to use images to roughly date stones, and how the epitaphs convey information. This is a family-friendly tour suitable for kids 7y and up!
The final two dates to take this tour are this Saturday, Oct. 23rd, and next Sunday, Oct 31st!
Bonus! Use promo code HALLNE2021 for 10% off Grave Detectives standard admission pricing if you found us through Halloween New England!

Join Krochmal Farms in Tewksbury, MA for the annual Trick-Or-Treat Horse-drawn Hayride with Costumed Characters on Saturday, October 23rd, and Sunday, October 24th. Taking place at a fully-functioning livestock farm, families are invited to a kid-friendly Halloween-themed horse-drawn hayride through the woods! The hayride will include several stops to feature your favorite costumed characters who'll be handing out candy to the kiddos. Families to get their kids all dressed up in their Halloween costumes for the ride to make the most of the festivities!
Enjoy the magic of a fall evening in New England, dry leaves underfoot, the moon above, autumnal lighting guiding pathways. There might not be a better way than visiting Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston for Autumn Illuminated. You'll find this event being offered evenings on Thursday through Sunday, now through October 31st with a half-mile illuminated evening stroll through the gardens.
The lighted route through the gardens will highlight fall colors and provide a special after-dark stroll through the heart of Tower Hill Botanic Garden.  

What have you been missing while you were being frightened out of your mind? Find out at Lights On Tour at Barrett's Haunted Mansion with Guided tours behind the scenes of Barrett's Haunted Mansion in Abington, MA! You've always wanted to get a look behind the scenes at the notorious Barrett's Haunted Mansion's two attractions, costume, and makeup trailers, and more, now is your chance! In their 30th year, Barrett's haunts have outdone themselves and you won't believe the incredible detail scenes!
Only two more chances to attend - this Saturday, October 23rd, and next Saturday, October 30th from 2:00pm-4:00pm. The tours run between 30-40min.
As part of The Coolidge Corner Theatre's excellent Halloween season programming, "An American Werewolf in London" is screening at their historic Brookline cinema on Saturday, October 23rd at midnight. You won't want to miss this classic horror film renowned for its special effects!

If you are on the North Shore this weekend, stop by Gloucester for the new program this year called Creature Feature at Hammond Castle Museum which is a live presentation of Hammond's Genre Writings.

The Creature Feature is a two-part program that opens with a reading of “The Pet,” and spotlights a live adaptation of  John Hays Hammond, Jr.’s never-before-seen play, “The Termite Monster,” both of which are a part of Hammond’s collection of creative stories.
Four performances per evening are offered Saturday, October 23rd and Tuesday, October 26th. 

Plus, take a peek at more all-ages events coming up on the calendar on our Family-friendly Halloween Event Guide for MA.

Connecticut Halloween Events (Full Guide)

For those who just want to be mildly spooked, Spooky Night Lights On -Walk-through at Legends of Fear in Shelton, CT. Spooky Nights, Halloween Lights, No Serious Frights! On Thursday, October 21st, Legends of Fear welcomes guests to their Haunted Forest  - this time without the live scares or haunt actors!

In addition to nightly scares and screams at The Dark Manor in Baltic, there are two additional events to highlight for them this week: Students get rewarded on Thursday, October 21st during Student Night where it's $5 off admission with ID to this spooky outdoor haunted attraction and graveyard. For those not up for the scares and shrieks, you've got your first of two weekends to take in the "Daytime Matinee Haunt" on Saturday and Sunday, October 233rd and 24th--a low-scare, daytime twist for some lighter Halloween fare starting at noon. 

In West Hartford, on Thursday, October 21st learn history as you’ve never heard it before. West Hartford Hauntings at the Old Cemetery, the Noah Webster House & West Hartford Historical Society’s spooky, theatrical cemetery tour returns! Your ghostly guide leads you on a lantern-lit tour of Old North Cemetery where you experience tales of death, disease, and real history. 
The Nathan Hale Homestead in Coventry has been around since 1776 which is more than enough time to acquire its fair share of ghost stories. Things that Go Bump in the Night Candlelight Tour at the homestead is a special candlelight tour that will take you around the property. The moonlit evening tour will feature the Hale Staff’s spooky encounters as you may have seen featured on the Syfy channel’s Ghost Hunters. Tours are held on Thursdays and Fridays, now through October 29th.
Join Julie Griffin, photographer, writer, investigator, and medium, for her Wicked Woods: Ghostly Photographs Lecture as she talks about her experiences photographing The Great Beyond! See her photographs and hear her amazing stories this Thursday, October 21st at Gallery 53 in Meriden.

Tap into your inner zombie - live out your 80's music video dreams! Learn your favorite Halloween zombie choreography when you join in on a Michael Jackson's Thriller Mob - Rehearsal on Saturday, October 23rd, Sunday, October 24th, and Wednesday, October 27th. You'll learn a modified version of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and you do not have to be a dancer!  The more rehearsals you attend, the better, but you only need to attend one to learn and participate in the big performance.
The Thriller Mob is an annual event and they are always looking for Zombies (ages 13+) for an organized flash mob taking place on Halloween night in New Milford, CT at 6:30pm during "Trunk or Treat". This event will be filmed and produced for YouTube. 
Get into the spirit of the season & meet the ghosts of New Londoners who have ghoulish stories to tell.  Hear their tales and talk with them if you dare at Hempsted Halloween in New London, CT on Saturday, October 23rd. Experience the city’s oldest house at twilight & make s’mores over an open fire.  

The popular and fascinating Elm Grove Cemetery Tour returns to Mystic this Sunday, October 24th. This special occasion graveyard walk hosted by the acclaimed Seaside Shadows Haunted History Tours invites you to discover the Elm Grove Cemetery. Learn about those who walked Mystic from the 1800's into the Gilded Age -- Sea Captains, Merchants, Civil War soldiers, World War I soldiers, those plagued by the Spanish flu, and the families that made Mystic what it is today. Learn of unique grave markings and walk with the spirits of Mystic's colorful past. Limited space is available for this special afternoon tour.

Can you find your way out of the corn maze using just a flashlight, your instincts, and the light of the moon? The Flashlight Maze at Wells Hollow Creamery in Shelton, CT is a non-haunted maze taking place on Friday & Saturday evenings this October!
Oddities Bazaar
in Bridgeport, CT is happening this Sunday, October 24th, and will feature all local artists, crafters, and fine purveyors of curiosities, big and small. With everything from hand-made skull-shaped soaps, crystals, witchy accessories, and apparel, as well as new and vintage oddities, tomes, and curiosities this event will take place inside The Arcade. This event is free to attend, donations are welcome.
Pre-teens can be treated to some fun Halloween programming at the Henry Carter Hull Library in Clinton this Monday, October 25th at  Pumpkin Carving for Tweens. Be sure to register in advance as space is limited--pumpkins will be provided.

Check out more upcoming Halloween events for kids at our Family-friendly Halloween Event Guide for all-ages fun in CT.

New Hampshire Halloween Events (Full Guide)

Come explore the haunts around the world and those in your own backyard with premiere storyteller Jeff Belanger who will be presenting Ghosts and Legends on Thursday, October 21st in Conway. Jeff serves up different stories every time he offers this program, so even if you've been treated to one of his presentations before, this is sure to feel new. There will also be a Q&A and book signing.

Daytime Haunt at Haunted Overload is running through its two final weekends where you can visit this stunning, award-winning haunted attraction in the comfort of daylight without any actors or scares. Offered from 10am-4pm on Fridays through Sundays, this self-guided walk along the haunted trail will amaze you with its incredible Halloween creatures, treetop tall ghosts, haunt props, and other spooky scenes. Even suitable for kids who like scary things but don't want to be scared...and the daytime event is perfect for that kind of experience. Enjoy the artistry and you are invited to take all the photos you want (and you will want to).

See a live theater performance of Dracula" (theatre) at The Strand in Dover over the next two weekends -  Friday-Sundays, October 22nd-24th and 29th-31st. Brought to you by NH's own Break a Leg Legally theatre company, this sounds like a fabulous evening of live theatre which is a wonderful way to fuel your Halloween mood. The play is intended for thrill-seeking theatre-goers and is appropriate for all groups.
Do you need some help on your costume look this season? Register for a FREE Costume Building Night at Port City Makerspace in Portsmouth offered EVERY remaining Saturday in October from 5:00pm-8:00pm. Each October, Port City Makerspace offers Free Costume-Building Nights to encourage people to go above and beyond for their costume! Volunteers will be around to work on their costumes and help you with yours. If you need help with tools or items in their shop, they can help you operate the equipment or guide you through the workspaces. Many tools are available for use for guests, like the following: 3D Printers, Cricut Maker, Sewing Machines, Laser Cutter, Hotwire Cutter, and lots of hand tools. FREE event but reserve your ticket and space. Suggested donation for these nights is $5, and all donations will go to the Portsmouth Halloween Parade.
Halloween Storybook Hayrides
at DeMeritt Hill Farm in Lee, NH on Saturday and Sunday, October 23rd and 24th for a  special event geared toward younger children and featuring all of your littles'  favorite storybook characters. You'll hear enchanted stories told while you bump along on a fun hayride through the nature trails and orchard. Each child will receive Halloween goodies and a pumpkin followed by a story read by Mother Goose-- and face painting too. 

In Nashua, NH there is a beloved candyland trail that is twisted into a creepy walk through a nightmare...and it's free! It's called the Spookville Haunted Trail and on Sunday, October 24th they are offering a Sensory Friendly Day  If you are looking for the full sounds/visual/scare experience you can check them out in the evening for their full show.
The Spookville Haunted Trail is an open-air haunted trail where you can enjoy the sights and spooky fun for yourself. The event is free but donations are accepted to support the SCARE Costume Charity.

Rhode Island Halloween Events (Full Guide)

The Roger Williams Zoo in Providence, RI is past the halfway point --you are in your final two weeks to catch the atmospheric
Jack-O'-Lantern Spectacular which is open 7 nights a week through Sunday, October 31st.

Don't forget to circle their special Spooky Zoo daytime festivities occurring Saturday and Sunday, October 23rd and 24th. Spooky Zoo is a daytime Halloween extravaganza offering Halloween fun for the whole family!  Children Trick or Treat throughout the Zoo beginning at 10:00am (while supplies last) getting the chance to visit the animals while picking up some goodies.

Bring the whole family for some out-of-this-world fun! The Vampire Circus comes to Woonsocket on Friday, October 22nd for a fascinating presentation and fusion of cirque, theatre, comedy, and cabaret, The Vampire Circus features curious characters and death-defying acrobats from all over the globe to amaze you with their display of strength, balance, and special effects. The Vampire Circus is a show for all ages.

Looking for more kids' activities? Check out our Family-friendly Halloween Events Guide for fun in RI.

Vermont Halloween Events (Full Guide)

On Saturday, October 23rd, it's free "Hocus Pocus" / "Friday the 13th" (1980) Double Feature Movie Night on the Danville Green screens!  Hocus Pocus kicks it off at 6:30pm.
Snacks and drinks are available for purchase. FREE admission and FREE popcorn!

Take the family for some trick or treating and lovely Billings Farm in Woodstock this Sunday, October 24th for the farm's annual 
Family Halloween.
Children are encouraged to wear their Halloween costumes and join the fun by participating in a costume parade--and even enter to win the costume contest. Kids will soon be in a Halloween mood after you hear spooky Halloween stories, visit the spooky Sunflower House, and make a spooky spider web necklace. Other fun will be taking place such as wagon rides around the farm and pumpkin bowling.

Maine Halloween Events (Full Guide)

Presque Isle Haunted Hearse Tour
asks the question- Are there really ghosts and lingering spirits in Presque Isle? Find out on Thursday, October 21st, or again on Halloween Night itself - Sunday, October 31st! This is a rain or shine event and it leaves from the historic Fire Station on Church St. Presque Isle.
Welcome the undead in the best way we know how -- you'll never defeat them so you might as well join the ranks of ravenous brain-eaters! The Bangor Zombie Walk takes place this Saturday, October 23rd in mid-afternoon as you are invited to crawl, walk, stumble or drag yourselves through the streets of Bangor as you haunt the waterfront.  Bonus - the Brewer witches will join in the seasonal fun, once again. for their annual Witches walk

Make the most of your remaining October weekends by checking out haunted attractions on a Sunday night! This weekend there are TWENTY-FOUR haunted attractions open this Sunday, October 24th.
Be sure to check out Trail of Terror (Wallingford, CT), Legends of Fear trail (Shelton, CT), Haunted Overload (Lee, NH) 13th World (Cumberland, RI), Factory of Terror (Fall River, MA), The Dark Manor (Baltic, CT), Fear on the Farm at McCray's Farm (South Hadley, MA), Fear Town (MA), Barrett's Haunted Mansion (Abington, MA), Terror at Quassy (Middlebury, CT) and DementedFX (Holyoke, MA). Find the complete list of who'll be open at our Sunday Night Haunt Guide!

Sundays often offer shorter lines and a more personal experience-- so what are you waiting for?

Which Haunted Attractions are Open on Weeknights this Week?
If you are like us, you'll want to pack in as many haunts during October to take full advantage of the Halloween season and our Weeknight Guide was created with you in mind!
Wednesday, October 20- Wallingford's Nightmare on the Ridge (Auburn, ME)

Thursday, October 21st has 10 haunted attractions open including the trail at Legends of Fear for Spooky Night Lights (Shelton, CT), Barrett's Haunted Mansion (Abington, MA) The Dark Manor (Baltic, CT) with a special Student Admission DealHaunted Overload (Lee, NH), Factory of Terror (Fall River, MA) 13th World (Cumberland, RI), DementedFX (Holyoke, MA), plus three more!

Click for a complete list visit our Guide to which Haunted Attractions are Open Weeknights.

Haunted Houses, Mazes, and Haunted Hayrides Opening Thursday, October 21st 

Nightmare Vermont (CT)

Haunted Houses, Mazes, and Haunted Hayrides Opening Friday, October 22nd 

Farmington Fright Nights (ME)

CONTESTS: All Contests Wrapping up soon for the season! Act fast to enter!

We've got two contests live on Halloween New England  - the number of contest opportunities is winding down to allow people enough time to enter, win, and redeem their tickets. 

We've got a giveaway for a pair of tickets to 13th World in Cumberland, RI so enter ASAP before this contest ends!

Celebrate your Halloween weekend at Fear on the Farm at McCrays Farm in S. Hadley, MA when you win a pair of tickets! 

You could enter to WIN tickets to take a Haunted Footsteps Ghost Tour with Salem Historical Tours in Salem, MA. 

Plan your spooky fun for next year when you score contest tickets to join Block Island Ghost Tours in Block Island, RI through 2022!

Visit Halloween New England's home page for contest details and links for entering to win!