Nov 3, 2021

Top Picks November 2021

Halloween New England's fans know better than to think Halloween season ends October 31st, right?

There are still a number of very worthwhile events to enjoy during the first weeks of November - and the best part? Fewer crowds, more personal experience, and an extended Halloween season all lined up for you!

Most haunts wrapped up their season last weekend but you'll find a handful who will be open into November and they would love to draw you in for a final Halloween hurrah. It's your last, best chance to pack in extra thrills before your favorite season is over until next fall.

Before we close up the proverbial (blog) shop, let us express our deepest thanks to everyone who followed Halloween New England, read our blogs, visited our event picks, sent us updates and feedback about their Halloween adventures, and let others know about the resource that our site and community aims to be for Halloween fans everywhere. Additionally, the Halloween New England team expanded in 2021, and because of Gail, Lisa, Becky, and Ciara, we were able to attend more events first-hand, be in more places, and provide you with wider Halloween coverage. And one of most significant improvements to Halloween New England this year was the brand new website which would not have been possible without the enormous effort and commitment from our developer Justin at JR Computer Associates and Wendy from NH's own Wetherbee Creative. So much credit for this memorable season goes to the enthusiasm, insight, and passion of the wider HNE team who collectively worked to better serve Halloween fans in every pocket of New England.
May you all have a wonderful "off-season" and we look forward to reconnecting in 2022!

FIVE Haunts are open this Friday, November 5th and EIGHT will be open on November 6th!
But only ONE haunt will also be open on Thursday, November 4th and Sunday, November 7th which is Barrett's Haunted Mansion. Nothing makes us happier than an extra weekend of haunting. Here's the complete list on our Haunted Attractions Open in November Guide.

Thursday, November 4th

Friday, November 5th
Nightmare Acres (South Windsor, CT)
Curioporium (Hartford, CT)
Fright Kingdom (Nashua, NH)
SpookyWorld (Litchfield, NH)
Saturday, November 6th
Trail of Terror (Wallingford, CT)
Legends of Fear (Shelton, CT)
Nightmare Acres (South Windsor, CT)
Curioporium (Hartford, CT)
Fright Kingdom (Nashua, NH)
SpookyWorld (Litchfield, NH)

Sunday, November 7th

You might be surprised to find there are still a number of terrific events lined up in November to whet your Halloween/Horror appetite. You can always find the complete event listings for each New England state on our website Halloween New England.

Connecticut (Events Guide)

Enjoy a spooky dinner this Saturday, November 10th at the Murder Mystery Dinner at the Captain Daniel Packer Inne located in Mystic, CT.
Join Seaside Shadows for a special evening based on a real Packer family mystery and the true residents of the 1754 restaurant and neighboring region as guests try to solve the mystery of who killed one of the Packers. Seaside Shadows and Daniel Packer Inne host this thematic, 18th-century period-centric dinner. A multi-course dinner and drink tickets will be provided.
This month, Seaside Shadows will also be offering their limited tour of the Elm Grove Cemetery situated amidst a beautiful rural landscape cemetery in Mystic, CT. Elm Grove Cemetery was established in 1853 on the precipice of the Victorian Gothic era and the American Civil War. The Seaside Shadows' Elm Grove Tour allows guests to walk through Victorian Era Mystic via the resting places of notable Mystic residents at Elm Grove Cemetery – focused on dark history, shocking events, and the founding families of the seafaring town.
Book now for tours on Saturday, November 7th & Sunday, November 27th and 
Saturdays, December 5th & 19th.

Massachusetts (Events Guide)

Oddity Marketplace
at Mill No. 5 in Lowell is where you can get all your spooky-themed gifts for the holidays. This Saturday, November 6th, Mill No. 5 has an oddity-themed pop-up marketplace featuring local vendors and artisans for a fun and creative afternoon of shopping! Free to attend.

Haunted Footsteps Salem Ghost Tours is still being offered on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings throughout November! Delve into Salem's macabre past as a knowledgable and charismatic guide regales you with true tales of documented paranormal activity, chilling cemeteries, and centuries-old murder. Walking tours give you a wonderful perspective of the quaint city.
This is a fully-outdoor tour and even dogs are permitted to attend (with the exception of the cemetery portion).

Rhode Island (Events Guide)

Do you want to be a ghostbuster? Learn about the History of the Paranormal Nighttime Investigations on Friday and Saturday, November 12th and 13th in Lincoln, RI. As part of the weekend exhibit, there will be a paranormal investigation led by Brian Cano on Friday evening with two sessions, lasting two hours long each.
The Friday evening session is designed for those wishing to experience what an investigation entails.  
For those wanting a longer session, there will be one four-hour session on Saturday evening -- the Saturday night hunt is for those who really want to roll up their sleeves and experience the place.
Joining Brian on the Saturday investigation are special guests, Rhode Island’s Carl Johnson (Ghost Hunters), and Elise Giammarco Carlson (Panorama Paranormal).

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