May 31, 2021

Five Months to Halloween...or is it three?

We’ve hit the countdown to Halloween – Five months to go!

October 31st may be five months away on the calendar but for us super fans, the Halloween season kicks off in three months flat and nobody could be itchier than the many attractions and event producers who took a pause last year and are chomping at the bit to get rolling.

In fact, a number of tours, haunts, and Halloween events did manage to launch adapted events and tours in 2020 and Halloween fans rewarded them by coming out in droves to support those businesses that moved mountains to open and who bent over backwards to ensure a safe experience for customers and staff alike. We can all agree that 2021 is already starting to feel more familiar and this year is lining up to be bigger than ever so I say, LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN!

Halloween New England hasn’t been resting in the off-season either—not one bit. Since December, we have been working on a total re-build of the Halloween New England website and we cannot wait to share it with you. The new website will be more versatile than ever and it should function like a dream for anyone looking to make the most of their October. With new search tools for events, tours, and attractions near you, you’ll have everything you are looking for at your fingertips. Even better, the ease of navigating the website will translate beautifully whether you are hunting for ghost tours on your phone or browsing pumpkin festivals on your laptop.

In April, we received wonderful news from the MetroWest Visitors Bureau that Halloween New England’s new website would be funded, in part, by the Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism with thanks to their small business grant program. 

This particular grant is designed “to promote MetroWest events, attractions, businesses, cultural and recreational opportunities” and we know MetroWest is an area ripe for fostering new Halloween tourism. We look forward to working with local businesses across MetroWest to strengthen their Halloween and seasonal offerings serving the local community and drawing people in for special seasonal experiences. Most of all, we are genuinely humbled that the MWVB saw the value Halloween New England provides to the local community in strengthening and promoting local events. Above all, they took the time to truly understand the incredible passion people have for Halloween and everything related to the season. This grant reflects a commitment to bolstering Halloween Tourism and we cannot thank them enough!  

Until then, enjoy your summer and we'll keep plugging away behind the scenes as we put all the pieces in place for you to have the most memorable of all Halloween seasons. 

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