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Halloween New England Top Picks for September 20th- 26th, 2018

We wait all year for this moment - the start of our favorite season!

Though the calendar reads September, devoted Halloween New England fans know the spirit of the Halloween season kicks off with the change in the temp, the turning color of the leaves, and the arrival of pumpkins at every local farm stand. Salem's Haunted Happenings Grand Parade is two weeks from today and haunt-fans across New England are thrilled to welcome the first weekend of haunt openings this weekend!

Halloween New England always has your back all season long with hundreds of upcoming events listed to help you stay on top of new Halloween experiences and alerted to new attractions. Tune in each Thursday for our Top Picks, highlights for the weekend, special events not to be missed, incredible contests, and other essential info to keep you on top of everything this Halloween. Our event calendars grow every year and you'll never find more Halloween events in a single place than at Halloween New England.

Our Family-Friendly Halloween Event Guides in several states will help you spot wonderful all-ages Halloween and pumpkin events for making memories and starting new traditions this year.

Ghost Ride Productions - Alexa Prop Lifecasting - Seattle- Halloween New EnglandEarlier this month we posted on our blog about the one-of-a-kind experience we had during an off-season trip to the Pacific northwest to visit Ghost Ride Productions' horror prop shop.
We received a close-up look at the process of making the very Special FX horror props that we come across inside haunted houses all Halloween season long. In fact, it was such a close-up look that we participated in our first-ever lifecasting to become a full-size realistic horror prop! (Coming to a dark corner near you....)
We enjoyed touring their shop, getting to know their capable crew, seeing the jam-packed shelves holding dozens of molds responsible for making their incredible inventory--including our favorite Frank character!
If you haven't had a chance to read about Halloween New England's visit to Seattle to experience a lifecasting session for Ghost Ride Productions' new "Alexa" full size body prop, here's a quick link.

So many ways to celebrate Halloween, so little time to do it....that's why we start celebrating six weeks early--and so should you.

At this point in September, there is just a smattering of Halloween themed and seasonally inspired events. As we get closer to October 31st you'll see more highlighted events to consider across New England...and of course, we always have more listings--plus events in the future--listed on the website. To whet your appetite for the season, here are a few worthwhile events for this weekend.

Haunted Footsteps Tour - Salem Historical - Halloween New England
With so much going on in Salem, MA October, it couldn't be a better time to check out the many tours and attractions the city has to offer. Salem Historical Tours is currently serving up five different daily walking tours every afternoon plus they add their Haunted Footsteps Ghost Tour nightly starting in October. Look for tours on Salem Haunted History, Cemetery Tours, Salem Movie Site tours, a midday Ghost Tour and a Witchcraft Walk.  It's always wise to book early and they offer discounts when you book multiple tours during your visit to the Witch City.

For the best of Salem planning, bookmark the website and social media pages for Haunted Happenings Magazine for the most updated special local Salem events and new attractions.
This Saturday, September 22nd is also the 11th annual Salem Wicked Half Marathon and walkers are welcome too!

Some special events worth highlighting for costume-lovers include the Wizards Costume Contest and a Harry Potter Cosplay Contest and Snitch Hunt at the CT RenFaire this weekend.

More Harry Potter fun this Saturday at Escobar Farm in Portsmouth, RI for their annual Harry Potter Day festivities.
Bangor Maine area folks with an interest in learning FX Makeup will want to know about a special 8-week course at Queen City Arts called SPFX Makeup Class which is open for anyone ages 15 and older.

Theatre-lovers might like to know that Jekyll and Hyde the musical opens their run on Wednesday at North Shore Music Theatre in Beverly, MA and will feature Constantine Maroulis in the title roles. You'll have until October 7th to check it out. 
The Portland Players in Portland, ME are opening their musical production of the always hilarious and fun Little Shop of Horrors which runs September 21st through October 7th.

Vermont is hosting the biggest of the big pumpkin events this weekend with a Giant Pumpkin Weigh-in at Sam Mazza Farms.

Contests: Opening Weekend Giveaways, Ticket 4-packs,
 $25 towards Costume Merchandise, and Tickets Galore!

We've got nine contests live on Halloween New England by the end of today plus more coming on Monday! Find ALL the contests that you can enter here.

Haunted Overload Night Shack - Lee NH - Halloween New England
Enter to WIN a pair of tickets to Fear Town Haunted House in Seekonk, MA, win a four-pack of tickets to Barrrett's Haunted Mansion in Abington, MA, win a four-pack of tickets to 13th World haunted trail in Cumberland, RI, and another chance to win entry to the special invite-only night at Haunted Overload in Lee, NH.

Opening Weekend welcomes more winners! Enter to win Opening Weekend tickets from Ghost Ship Harbor in Quincy, MA and combo tickets (haunts + rides) for The Haunted Graveyard in Bristol, CT.
If you're looking to pick up some new additions for your Halloween Costume this year you will find a chance to win $25 towards merchandise at Costumania in West Lebanon, NH!

We're also running ticket contests for Vengeance in the Valley haunted hayride and haunted maize in Guilford, VT and you won't want to miss out on the chance to win admission to The Haunted Speakeasy which is the costume party of the season at The Bull Mansion in Worcester, MA!
Visit Halloween New England's home page for contest details and links for entering to win!

Recent Contest Winners:
Congrats to Jason Avery and Stephanie Brown who won her way into the special invite-only night at Haunted Overload!

 Haunted Houses, Haunted Mazes, and Haunted Hayrides Opening Friday, September 21st

Scary Acres (Hope, RI) - Maze and Hayride
Marini Farm Corn MAze (MA) - non -haunted Maze
SpookyWorld - Trails and Hayride
Click for the complete Opening Night Guide

Haunted Houses, Haunted Mazes, and Haunted Hayrides Opening Saturday, September 22nd

FrightFest at Six Flags New England (MA)
The Ghoullog (NH)
Screeemfest at Canobie Lake (NH)
Cucumber Hill Farm Flashlight Corn Maze (RI) - non-Haunted
Click for the complete Opening Night Guide

We're thrilled to have teamed up again with the uber-talented The Pixel Perfection: After Dark whose incredibly creepy and inspiring haunt photos populate the guides again this year. As always, we know you love their photos...just please don't steal their photos! Why not just follow them on Facebook or Instagram or hire them to capture your Halloween attraction or event?

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2018 Opening Night Guide for Haunted Attractions in New England

Halloween New England Opening Night Guide

It's baaaaaaaack!

The Halloween New England Opening Night Guide for Haunted Houses, Haunted Trails, Haunted and Flashlight Corn Mazes, and Haunted Hayrides has returned for  2018!
Posted right on our website and easy to find on every haunt page, we compiled every local haunts' opening night into a nifty guide to help you plan for your thrills this season. 
You'll never have to waste hours visiting three dozen websites looking for who is open - we did it all for you!
Pixel Perfection After Dark Halloween New England Opening Night Guide
Be a good friend and remember to SHARE the Opening Night Guide with your fellow adrenaline junkies.

When haunts open up, it also signals the beginning of Halloween New England's season too. Nine haunted attractions will be opening up in the 3rd week in September this weekend which must surely be a record for this area. The last weekend in September -- Sept 28th and 29th -- will be another monster weekend for haunted attraction opening nights--twelve more kick off their season! By the time October arrives, we'll be in full swing.

Stay tuned for more guides all season long including our Guide to Haunted Attractions Open on Sunday Nights and Attractions Open Weeknights for the folks who love to check out haunts on off-peak nights and shorter lines. Don't forget to bookmark our Guide to Haunted Attractions Open on Halloween because what could be a better way to spend your favorite holiday?

We're thrilled to be teaming up again with New England's own uber-talented The Pixel Perfection: After Dark whose incredibly creepy and inspiring haunt photos populate the guides again this year. As always, we know you love their photos...just please don't steal their photos!
Why not just follow them on Facebook and Instagram or hire them to capture your Halloween attraction or event?

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Halloween New England Heads West for a Ghost Ride Lifecasting

Halloween New England Ghost Ride FX Prop Casting
Last year Halloween New England headed out west to connect with Ghost Ride Productions for a long-anticipated experience of being lifecasted (head and body) to make a lifecast which may be used for molding and creating this season's realistic special FX props (coming to a haunted house near you....ha!).

Ghost Ride Productions is a leading FX prop company who specializes in props reflecting realism. You won't find out of proportion heads on bodies, exaggerated mugging features, or slapdash paint detailing here. Ghost Ride is known for the kind of props which can be easily mistaken for a live person in a haunt scene.

Haunt designers love using their props because a Ghost Ride prop's realism lends an authenticity to any scene and can even function as a decoy to draw customers' attention to set up a haunt scare. One haunt designer described Ghost Ride's catalog as filled with "the most realistic props you can buy out there. Their props are very durable and hold up over a season and will stay in good shape for years to come which makes it a valuable investment to any haunt's inventory."
When I received the offer from Ghost Ride to participate in this process first-hand, I jumped at the chance without a moment's hesitation! It was a one-of-a-kind opportunity to go behind the scenes to learn about the intensive process behind the making of a brand new horror prop. It was incredible to see how much detailed preparation and skill goes into the task of lifecasting. As a total introvert, this was a unique chance to contribute and "participate" in a haunted attraction in my own small but unusual way. 

Halloween New England Ghost Ride FX Prop Casting PreparationLeading up to casting day, the Ghost Ride staff had held meetings where they'd scheduled exactly how the process would go, walked through every step in advance, and created a plan for how to execute the casting. It would be all hands on deck--probably 6 or 7 people on the Ghost Ride staff--cooperating and communicating from start (application of the bald cap) to finish (cracking of the cast--ah freedom!).

This multi-hour process is extremely time-sensitive as the crew must work quickly and with great attention to the application of the thick, goopy mold solution--the consistency of marshmallow fluff-- before the silicone sets in place.

Halloween New England Ghost Ride FX Prop Casting Alginate PrepIn fact, the entire process is so time-sensitive that one crew member was solely responsible for just tracking the minutes and seconds of time--alerting the crew when a certain amount of time has lapsed as a way of knowing how firm the material was getting. At certain points, the owner of the studio Michael Chaille, would notify a different crew member - this one solely responsible for just mixing new batches of fresh silicone--to whip up a new quart of the mixture as soon as possible. Because the silicone sets very, very quickly, preparation is everything in this process since the mixture cannot be blended in advance or else it would firm up before it was applied. A full table of unmixed solutions was lined up on a dedicated mixing table hours before even the bald cap was placed on my head. 

Halloween New England Ghost Ride FX Prop Casting Alginate Prep
It takes several layers of silicone applications to complete the molding before the cast material is applied in the final step. The silicone mixture itself is the same solution for each layer but each new layer gets tinted a different color. The purpose of tinting each "round" of silicone is to be able to manage the thickness of the silicone as it is built up layer by layer. Each tinted layer is applied to ensure maximum coverage of every nook, angle, and crevice. For example, a pink layer on top of a green layer will allow the crew to quickly track the thickness of the fresh, liquid pink layer as it is spread over the (dry) green layer underneath. 
Working with large popsicle sticks and brushes in hand, 3 or 4 crew members at one would drag and spread the viscous silicone across the arms or around the neck, pushing the mix into the crevices near the armpits, hands, or knees. That initial layer of silicone is applied on bare skin and it is designed to be able to release any arm or body hair when the mold is cracked open at the end.

The first area that was molded was my head. With my hair covered in a bald cap to create a smooth surface for molding, I sat on a table and rested the side of my cheek on my knees which were tucked up to my body. My entire body was draped in plastic to protect it from the drops and drips of the molding process of the head and my head position needed to match where my body would be for the second molding of the body later on. Once in position, Michael gave me specific instructions about how I could communicate with him using my hands under the clear plastic so he could keep track of how I was doing during the head molding since my mouth would be covered completely and verbal communication wouldn't be possible once we'd begun. 

Halloween New England Ghost Ride FX Alexa Prop Lifecasting
He asked if I was ready, I said yes. I closed my lips and eyes and I felt the first pour of silicone drip over the top of my head in a big, sticky, gooey mess. It felt like being covered with runny peanut butter. I felt the crew working swiftly to drag the thick liquid over my cheeks, eye, around the corners of my nose, into my ears and under my chin. Just like that, I couldn't see, couldn't talk, and my hearing became muffled by the layers seeping into every tiny nook of my ears. One crew member had the single job of vigilantly watching my nostril holes for safety during the molding process. He zeroed in on this area to ensure that I always had my nostrils completely open--free and clear of silicone-- to be able to breathe without any obstruction. This is an important point: the ability to trust the crew to be 100% safety-minded and ultra-responsible is perhaps the most essential factor in ever agreeing to be lifecasted. Once that first layer of silicone is applied, you basically surrender your safety and well-being over to the crew. When your head is being molded, this is significantly the case as you cannot speak or open your eyes throughout the experience--nothing but your hands to gesture through communicating with a thumbs up or thumbs down answer to yes or no questions they might ask.

Halloween New England Ghost Ride FX Alexa Prop Lifecasting
For me, the molding of my head was the part I found most enjoyable. Thankfully I am not prone to claustrophobia, and I was actually looking forward to the sensory withdrawal, curious to experience it first-hand. I found the surrender of this part of the casting fairly relaxing--there is literally nothing to do, nothing to see or say, not much to hear. I just sat there with my head resting on my knees and relaxed. I focused exclusively on staying calm, regulating my breath, and focusing on the steady flow of breathing through my free nostril. I knew that it was critical that I be able to do this with great concentration--staying calm would allow my breath to stay measured. I knew that if I allowed myself to get nervous during the process my breathing would quicken and because there was such a limited space to access air (just the nostrils), it would be a slippery slope to remain calm in the mold for the duration. It was a mental exercise as much as it was a physical endurance one. I never felt panicky or uneasy during this molding which certainly contributed to it being a very positive experience! I also fully and completely trusted the professionalism and experience of the Ghost Ride crew with regards to my safety which ultimately, was at the heart of my ability to stay calm and relax.   

Halloween New England Ghost Ride FX Alexa Prop Lifecasting
The application of the mold layers is an extremely rapid process of everyone working at once, with constant staff communication about what each person was seeing on their side of my body to ensure that every section was properly, evenly covered. As the mix is applied, the weight of the heavy, goopy silicone will weep downward from gravity and the crew feverishly drags the material up the arms and legs as they spread the layers across with care.

After several layers are applied and dried, the final step is to create a cast of the now hardened silicone mold. During this step, a plaster cast is created to encase the mold--dozens of drippy, plastery strips material are draped around every part of the mold. As the heat-activated plaster strips begin to firm, the heat from the outer casts starts to penetrate through the several layers of silicone which, for obvious reasons, made me feel quite warm, almost sauna-like inside the mold.

Halloween New England Ghost Ride FX Alexa Prop Lifecasting
Because staying in a single position is required for the duration of the mold-making process, there is no opportunity to shift an arm or a leg to stretch or get comfy. It was during this step that was the most challenging for me during the entire process. By this time I'd been in a single position for well over an hour without moving (seated, arms crossed around my legs) and the stagnancy of the position had begun to take its toll with stiffness, a numbness from sitting so long on a hard surface, and general achiness.

Thankfully, the crew at Ghost Ride--as well as some other folks I'd met who'd shared their own lifecasting experience--had prepared me for this moment where it becomes a mental challenge as much as a physical one. Michael and his crew set up fans to blow on my head (the only part of me that was exposed to air) and they even had an ice pack to place on my forehead to keep me staying cool as the warmth and discomfort of that final cast stage progressed. By now it was simply a waiting game... waiting for that plaster cast to fully harden to the point they could crack it open.

Halloween New England Ghost Ride FX Alexa Prop Mold release
When the moment came to release me from the cast the entire crew gingerly rolled me onto my side--pretty much like an Easter egg--since I did not have access to my arms or legs to move or catch myself. From this side angle, I couldn't see a thing that was happening but I could feel action all around me--my feet, back, legs--as they cut through the thick, multi-layered shell that encased my whole body.

When the mold finally cracked, a crew member wrapped me in a robe to wear and like a newborn, I slowly and gently began to stretch my limbs and move a bit as I worked out the stiffness in my hips, knees, and back. After luxuriating in the freedom from the cast for a minute or two, my curiosity got the better of me. I was excited to see what the mold looked like--the areas that stood out for me was the details of the area which had molded my feet (in the body mold) and the detail of the crevices within my ears (in the head mold). It was pretty wild to see the "negative" of my own body parts which of course, I know so well from the 3-dimensional version that I inhabit.

Halloween New England Ghost Ride FX Alexa Prop Head Lifecasting
In the months that followed I was sent progress pictures from Ghost Ride. The first foam body "pulled" from the mold, unpainted, untrimmed was the sneak preview. Then I was sent a picture of just the head, decapitated, fully painted and laying on a stainless steel medical tray for the full effect. It is odd to look at your own face but painted with lifeless, dead pallor--none of the expression or color that I'm used to seeing with my reflection in a mirror.
However, nothing prepared me for the experience of receiving photos of the completed prop - full head and body - painted in detail, dressed into character complete with a wig. I think it was seeing my own feet in the prop that was truly freakish. Those feet were just so.... familiar!

Halloween New England Ghost Ride FX Alexa Prop Lifecasting Frozen Makeup
The prop, now nicknamed "Alexa", debuted in the Ghost Ride booth and 2018 catalog this year at TransWorld's annual Halloween and Attraction Show (HAA Show) in St. Louis, MO! For haunt owners and designers, HAA is the largest trade show of its kind which showcases FX props, lighting, animatronic props, masks, haunt designers, Special FX, and other vendors directly to the people who create and produce professional haunted houses, escape rooms, and Halloween attractions.
Ghost Ride created several prop variations created out of the same mold - the asylum version, the burn victim, the frozen version, the realistic "alive" version they'd made for their new catalog.

The HAA Show was the first place the haunt industry was able to see in person and place their orders for Ghost Ride's "Alexa." I don't yet know which New England haunted attractions may have purchased the Alexa prop this year for their haunts but I look forward to "scaring myself" when I stumble across it in some creepy scene--I am sure it will be an experience I'll never forget!

My deepest gratitude goes out to Michael Chaille and his incredible crew at Ghost Ride Productions. They gave me a one of a kind experience and true insight into this fascinating field within the Halloween and FX Prop industry and their professionalism at every turn made it an unforgettable day.

Check out some of the Alexa variations below (L to R: "Burn", "Cozy", and "Asylum"). 
Visit the full Ghost Ride Productions catalog at 

Halloween New England Ghost Ride FX Alexa Prop Variations

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Halloween New England Top Picks for November 2017

Halloween New England's fans know better than to think Halloween season ends October 31st, right?
There is one more weekend left for a handful of local haunted attractions so it's your last, best chance pack in extra thrills before your favorite season is over.

SEVEN Haunts are open on Friday and Saturday, November 3rd and 4th! 

Here's the complete list on our Haunted Attractions Open in November Guide.

Barrett's Haunted Mansion in Abington, MA is open with their popular Haunted Mansion and Haunted Compound shows on both Friday and Saturday, November 3rd and 4th. It's your last chance to be terrorized by their oh-so-sinister clowns until next year...

Fear Town in Seekonk, MA is serving up "Extreme Fears Night" on Friday and Saturday, November 3rd and 4th which is a full-contact, higher-intensity experience -  perfect for people ready for a different style of haunting and thrill-seeking. Advance tickets are a must! Extreme Dears details.

New Hampshire
Haunted Acres has rescheduled their annual Lights Out Night for this Saturday, November 4th! It's your final chance to check out Haunted Acres this season but you'll have to brave it in the dark if you do. Haunted Acres Lights Out Event details.

Legends of Fear in Shelton, CT has one final night coming up - Saturday, November 4th is your last chance to experience a full night of haunt-going happiness at their revamped trail and exciting haunted hayride! More about Legends of Fear.

Fright Haven in Stratford, CT is back with a just-announced Encore Weekend this Friday and Saturday, November 3rd and 4th which will feature their full show of scares and screams.

The following weekend - on Friday and Saturday, November 10th and 11th-- Fright Haven will feature their annual Blind Rage - Full Contact Night, 18+ event where the intensity goes up several notches - ideal for adrenaline seekers! Buy your tickets in advance. Blind Rage event details.

Creeperum in Hamden, CT returns mid-month on Friday and Saturday, November 10th and 11th for "Complete Darkness" a lights-out, full-contact, 18+ event--their first ever! Complete Darkness event details.

After New England's biggest weekend of the Halloween season, you might be surprised to find there are still a number of worthwhile events lined up in November to whet your Halloween/Horror appetite. You can always find the complete event listings for each New England state on our website Halloween New England.

In Massachusetts on Thursday, Nov. 2nd in Boston at the Central Library there's a talk by author Maureen Boyle about her book "Shallow Graves - The Hunt for the New Bedford Highway Serial Killer" and on Friday and Saturday, you can test your limits at Extreme Fears Night at Fear Town in Seekonk. On Saturday, Nov. 4th at the Peabody Museum of Archaeology in Cambridge is their annual Dia De Los Muertos Family Event.

In Connecticut, make sure you check out Legends of Fear's final night of the season on Saturday, Nov 4th and both Friday and Saturday, Nov 3rd and 4th you can swing by Fright Haven to indulge in more screams at their encore weekend of haunting. 
Fright Haven returns the following weekend - Friday and Saturday, November 10th and 11th for Blind Rage which is a full-contact night (18+ only) - tickets in advance.

In Rhode Island, it's the last full week to see the Jack O'Lantern Spectacular at the Roger Williams Zoo in Providence. The Spectacular is open every night through Sunday, November 5th.

In Lincoln, RI the next two Sundays-Nov 5th and 12th-- are the final chances to visit the Hearthside House Museum for their annual exhibit 
Candlelight Tour of Gone But Not Forgotten: Victorian Mourning Customs where this historic 10-room museum home is "transformed to recreate the scene of a typical wake and funeral of the 19th century" and the tours are led by candlelight.

Friday through Sunday, November 10th-12th in Providence will be RI Comic Con where among dozens of fun booths and meet-and-greets, there will be appearances by The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus and Nightmare on Elm Street's Robert Englund. 

In Vermont, circle the dates Friday and Saturday, November 17th and 18th in Brattleboro for the 3rd annual Ax Wound Film Festival which features horror film screenings, presentations, and workshops from women filmmakers.

Where has Halloween New England been lately?
We spent Friday night at Field of Screams (West Greenwich, RI), Haunted Overload (Lee, NH) with out-of-town friends on Saturday, and spent Halloween at The 7-1-5 Haunted House (Canton, MA)! We hope to squeeze in two more haunt visits this weekend if we're lucky!

We're thrilled to have teamed up again with New England's own uber-talented The Pixel Perfection: After Dark whose incredibly creepy and inspiring haunt photos populate the guides again this year. As always, we know you love their photos...just please don't steal their photos! Why not just follow them on Facebook instead or hire them to capture your Halloween attraction or event?

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Halloween New England Top Picks for October 25th - October 31st, 2017

The much-anticipated Halloween weekend is here at last! As you'd expect there are countless incredible events taking place all weekend long and into the final days leading to October 31st. You will have more than enough options to celebrate Halloween your way - whether it be Jack O' Lantern gawking, entering costume contests, soaking up your haunted history, reveling in Salem during Haunted Happenings, or getting in your thrills at local haunts. Good luck narrowing down your agenda but the good news is we're offering up some great Top Picks for your Halloween week.

Turning the Lights Out in New Hampshire
If you ever thought going through a haunted attraction was scary with the scene lights on, wait until you navigate the creatures and scares with the lights off!

This week, two New Hampshire haunts will be closing for the year with a big impression: On Sunday, October 29th Haunted Acres in Candia will host a special Lights Out Night (all the scares, none of the lights!) to wrap up their season. On Tuesday - Halloween night - Haunted Overload in Lee will feature its first ever Lights Out Night for closing night at their haunted trail. Advance online tickets highly recommended for both events.

Spooky Zoo and The Jack O'Lantern Spectacular
Families will want to join the festivities at the Roger Williams Zoo in Providence, RI this Saturday and Sunday because Spooky Zoo is back with daytime outdoor autumn activities for the whole family.
Come trick-or-treat on the Treat Trail by the red wolf exhibit inside the zoo beginning at 10:30am. All Spooky Zoo activities are free with Zoo admission and all children 12-and-under dressed in costume get in for half price. All activities are weather permitting and while supplies last.
It's also the final two weeks to catch the atmospheric and mesmerizing Jack O'Lantern Spectacular which is open every night through Sunday, November 5th also at the Roger Williams Zoo.

Never too late to pick pumpkins at a local patch!
As you know by now, Halloween New England makes it so easy to find a local pumpkin patch for carving your jack-o-lanterns in time for Halloween! Add the various community pumpkin carving contests and pumpkin displays to the mix of your pumpkin-buying needs and you will certainly need to stock up on more than a few!

We have state-by-state guides and maps to all your local farms featuring pumpkin patches and PYO pumpkins.
Click on your state for Halloween New England's Pumpkin Patch Guides for ConnecticutMaineMassachusettsNew HampshireRhode Island, and Vermont.

Still Time to Find a Costume for Halloween Events, Costume Parties, and Masquerades! 
We have two special New England costume and makeup supply stores we'd like to recommend for your last minute costume needs and final details.
Not every New England state can boast that they have a year-round, brick-and-mortar costume store but New Hampshire can! Costumania in West Lebanon moved to a new, bigger store to offer even more to their customers. If you can't get there in person, they also feature an online store.

Massachusetts-based Vampfangs is strictly an online store and they should be your first stop to buy special FX teeth (vampires, zombies, hillbillies, etc), FX contact lenses (blackout, werewolf, zombie, you name it), 3-D prosthetic transfers, conventional prosthetics, quality FX makeup, and even fragrances!

We are always happy to tip people off to how easy Halloween New England makes it to find your state's Costume and Halloween stores. We have lists of locally-owned, year-round, as well as many seasonal pop-up stores to make it easy! 
Click to see our complete Costume and Halloween Store guides for ConnecticutMaineMassachusettsNew HampshireRhode Island, and Vermont.

Which Haunted Attractions are Open on Weeknights this Week?
It's Halloween Week and it's your last, best chance to see as many haunts as you can pack in before your favorite season is over.
Wednesday, October 25th has three haunted attractions open tonight including  Barrett's Haunted Mansion in MA.
Thursday, October 26th offers up twelve local attractions to choose from including Haunted Acres (Date Night Special) and Haunted Overload (Fright Night Lite) in NH, Creeperum and Fright Haven in CT, Fear Town and Barrett's Haunted Mansion in MA and Field of Screams in RI.
Click for a complete list visit our Guide to which Haunted Attractions are Open Weeknights.

Which 25 Haunted Attractions are Open this Sunday, October 29th?
Many haunts will be opening this Sunday, October 29th to help you make the most of your Halloween weekend. Visit  Fear Town and Barrett's Haunted Mansion in MA, Field of Screams and 13th World in RI, Trail of TerrorThe Haunted GraveyardFright Haven, and Creeperum in CT, plus Haunted Overload and Haunted Acres in NH. Find the complete guide to which Haunted Attractions are Open this Sunday, October 29th.

Which 18 Haunted Attractions are Open on Halloween Night?
It's not a given that New England haunted attractions will be open on Halloween, especially as the 31st lands on a Tuesday this year. There are eighteen attractions that WILL be open including Fright Haven and Creeperum in CT, and Field of Screams in RI. In NH,  Haunted Overload rings in Halloween with their first ever Lights Out Night!

New England is packed with Halloween events on the biggest weekend of the season! It's a challenge to whittle down to our Top Picks when there are so many to choose from but we'll narrow it to our Top Picks below. You can always find the complete event listings for each New England state (plus CT and MA have Family-Friendly Event Guides) on our website Halloween New England.

The Bay State will be busy busy busy! On Thursday and Saturday in Salem many will enjoy Classic Poems for All Hallows Eve and in Walpole it will be the final night for Afterschool Pumpkin Carving in the ParkFriday is the first of three nights for Old Spooky Manse in Concord where you can enjoy this historical mansion by candlelight and nosh on a fireside S'More. For more Halloween treats in a historical building, don your costume and snack on cider and donuts at the Howling Halloween Harvest Bonfire at the Cabot Bradley Estate in Canton. For folks who take their Halloween costumes very seriously, in Northampton on Friday night is the black-tie, formal, masquerade event Western Mass Witches Ball held in the Union Station Grand Ballroom.

Saturday morning kicks off with the costumed Devil's Chase 6.66 Miler in Salem so you can bank some exercise points before your evening debauchery. 
At noon in Faneuil Hall in Boston is the Halloween Pet Parade & Costume Contest. In Walpole again on Saturday night is Pumpkins in the Park: Nocturnal Tales and Treats where you can enjoy a pumpkin-lit nocturnal trail, trick-or-treating, and Jack-o-lantern contests. The pumpkin decorating and games are free!

Be sure to bring a non-perishable food item with you for your admission on Saturday and Sunday (plus Halloween) to experience Dark Gardens a local home haunted house presented by Nightmare Marlborough.

Soak up the gorgeous fall weathers outdoors in Easthampton this Saturday night at the Acadia Wildlife Sanctuary where you can listen to Halloween stories and learn about nocturnal animals on their family-friendly Halloween Night Hike.
For an evening of cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, and a theatrical reading of classic horror, buy your tickets to visit the Crane Estate for Jekyll & Hyde: A Castle Hill Halloween Party.
Saturday night at midnight begins the Horror Double Feature of "Zombie" and "Night of the Living Dead" at the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline.
If you haven't made it to Old Sturbridge Village yet to see this year's run of The Sleepy Hollow Experience - the theatrical musical interpretation following the fate of dear Ichabod Crane, you're in your final week to see it before closing night on Sunday.

If you're still going strong on Sunday, the morning brings Costumes for Cancer 5K Run in Boston and also the Monster Dash 5K and Trick or Trot in Medfield. In Salem at the Hawthorne Hotel is The Mourning Tea: Remembering the Dead high-tea Victorian-era inspired event.
In Salem at the Hawthorne Hotel, Sunday evening is The Dumb Supper: Dinner with the Dead which is an ancient tradition of honoring the dead at a memorial dinner observed in complete silence.
Sunday night in Newbury is Cradle to Grave: Lamplight Tour of Coffin House, Swett-Ilsley House and First Parish Burying Ground for stories of murder, heroism, and heartbreak.
Monday night at Brookline's Coolidge Corner Theatre is a Stephen King Horror Double Feature "Carrie" and "Christine".

On Friday night in Franklin, there's a Public Ghost Hunt with TSPI where you'll want to pack your flashlight and buy your tickets in advance. The Hallowed History Lantern Tour at Cedar Hill Cemetery in Hartford also meets Friday night.
For the more theatrically-inclined, check out "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" Radio-Theatre Performance taking place Friday through Sunday in Hartford; In Brookfield you'll find a free Staged Reading of "The Crucible" on Friday and Saturday.
It's also your final weekend to catch Ghostly Sightings at the Lockwood-Mathews Mansion where you can hear haunted history relayed by lantern-light in the otherwise dark mansion.
Runners (and the rest of us) might enjoy supporting Ridgefield Operation Animal Rescue (ROAR) by participating in their Very Scary Furry Scurry 2-mile Run on Sunday which will feature a dog pumpkin "pie" eating contest, a costume contest, and an agility course. Kent CT is host to the Kent Pumpkin Run on Sunday--a costumed 5-mile walk/run.
Kids will enjoy Friday night's Trick or Treat at Roseland Cottage in Woodstock and Saturday's Spooktacular! at the Discovery Museum and Planetarium in Bridgeport complete with exploding pumpkins, a pumpkin chuckin', and mad science. Also in Bridgeport, the family-friendly musical "Dracula Goes to High School" offers up its final two matinees on Saturday and Sunday. Find a complete list on our Family-Friendly Halloween Event Guide.

New Hampshire
Friday welcomes the Rochester Horribles Parade and Trick or Treat followed by the Zombie Walk. Friday through Sunday Haunted Overload in Lee will open up for their Daytime Haunt where you can see their artistry up close and in the daylight (no actors or scares). On Monday Haunted Overload will offer their final Fright Night Lite of the season--a full light/sound/fog experience but without actors or scares.
On Saturday and Sunday in Portsmouth, you can find the family-friendly Ghosts on the Banke festivities held at the historic Strawberry Banke Museum.
It's a busy weekend for Haunted Acres in Candia - Saturday night October 28th is their annual Costume Contest complete with cash prizes! For another round of costumed revelry, on Halloween night in Portsmouth, you can celebrate the season at the decidedly adult-focused Halloween Parade. 

Rhode Island
Saturday and Sunday welcome the return of Spooky Zoo for family-friendly seasonal activities and zoo-wide trick or treating at Roger Williams Zoo in Providence.
Friday night at Newport Vineyards in Middletown is the annual Halloween CarnEvil Costume Party with circus performers, a fortune teller machine, and "Creepy Cocktails".
Terror on the Tracks in Portsmouth, RI puts their unique spin on their haunted experience by inviting you to pedal your way (gently) on low-riding tandem/quad bikes fitted to ride the rails of the railroad tracks--all while ghouls and monsters come out to scare you in the dark! You have your chance to try it every night this week from Thursday through Tuesday, October 31st.
Friday and Saturday are the final two nights to check out the Mills & Mysteries Paranormal Investigation at Slater Mill in Pawtucket.
Saturday at Bristol's Audobon Center is The Perfect Pumpkin Party featuring tons of kid-friendly games like pumpkin ring toss, sticker pumpkin patches, and a scavenger hunt for pumpkins hidden in the refuge.

In Bangor, on Saturday you're invited to don your graveyard attire and join the undead for the Bangor Zombie Walk. Portland you will find many events happening this Halloween weekend. In Kennebunk on Saturday is the All Souls Walk featuring midday narrated tours through Hope Cemetery.
Wednesday through Saturday, plus Monday, at the Wadsworth-Longfellow "Haunted House" in Portland you can check out tours of the historic home based on Longfellow's poem "Haunted Houses" - they'll be providing a family-friendly version of the tour and a separate adult tour.
On Saturday in South Berwick, you can listen to Victorian ghostly stories of tales of horror with portrayals of their authors at the hour-long performances of Victorian Frightful at the Sarah Orne Jewett House Museum.

Saturday in Vermont invites you to TWO different Halloween Hustles - a 1-mile, 5k & 10K Halloween Hustle in Newport followed by the Newport Halloween Monster Bash and cold-water Vampire Swim.
In Essex Junction, VT is another Halloween Hustle 5K and Kids Race so don your costume and sneaks to burn off all that pre-Halloween candy snacking (yes, everybody does it...).
More family-focused events happening Sunday starting with the Shelburne Museum Trick or Treating Haunted Happenings in Shelburne and in Woodstock is the Family Halloween at Billings Farm and Museum
On Monday night at Maple Street Park in Essex Junction, you'll find the pathways lighted by carved Jack o' lanterns of all sizes and shapes at The Great Pumpkin Walk and all are invited to drop off their own pumpkin earlier in the day if they wish to participate.

Where has Halloween New England been lately?
We spent a wonderful Thursday night at Haunted Acres (Candia, NH) and Friday night brought us to Haunted Overload (Lee, NH). Saturday night we headed down to see the Haunted Hayride at the Century Sportsman Club (Auburn, MA) which was our first visit there. As always, we especially loved meeting some crazy haunt-going fans--including fans who remembered meeting us years ago!-- there who spend their Halloween season much in the way we do!
Where is Halloween New England headed this weekend?
We've got an ambitious Halloween week lined up and we hope to fit everything in! We've penciled in Field of Screams (West Greenwich, RI), The 7-1-5 Haunted House (Canton, MA), a return to Haunted Overload with out-of-town friends, and maybe Seven Cedars Haunted Hayride (Smithfield, RI). Fingers crossed that the weather holds out!

We're thrilled to have teamed up again with New England's own uber-talented The Pixel Perfection: After Dark whose incredibly creepy and inspiring haunt photos populate the guides again this year. As always, we know you love their photos...just please don't steal their photos! Why not just follow them on Facebook instead or hire them to capture your Halloween attraction or event?