Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Halloween New England's Preview of the 2016 Halloween Season

Pixel Perfection After Dark Haunted House Photo_Halloween New EnglandWelcome to September! We're are beyond thrilled that the start of the haunt season is just a few weeks away and that also means you'll be hearing from Halloween New England much more often as this is our time of year!

Of course we've been incredibly busy behind the scenes at Halloween New England since late-winter to make sure that your #1 Halloween website and our Special Attraction Guides will be as useful and resourceful as ever.

We know you depend on us for the most accurate, up-to-date, and confirmed information for all the local New England attractions that feed your need for scares, thrills, haunted history tours, Halloween events, costume supplies, and nighttime adventure.
The people behind Halloween New England are fans just like you so we totally get how critical it is to have an epic Halloween--that 6 week season is what we wait for all year-long too.

You may have already seen the debut of our first ever Haunt Hiring Guide! If you already love haunted houses, haunted hayrides, and night mazes you have a solid idea of exactly what is scary (and what is not). Every year, many local attractions seek to replenish their staff of scare actors, makeup artists, scenic builders, painters, and more. Some require prior experience but many are will to train people with the essential qualities of being reliable and excited to learn. Whether you want to try something new, are looking for a little extra cash heading into the holidays, or would be willing to volunteer, please click to see who's hiring at our Haunt Hiring Guide and support these terrific haunts and hayrides!

Because we know how everyone's taste in Halloween varies you'll be happy to see that we remain committed to being a review-free website so you can find unbiased info about our haunts to make your own discoveries opinions about New England's Halloween gems.

To kick off 2016, you'll see new contests posted any day now and as always, you'll be alerted to all the important info you need through our Halloween New England's Facebook page. Soon you'll have plenty of opportunity to WIN tickets to a variety of local Halloween attractions--stay tuned.

Pixel Perfection After Dark Haunted House Photo_Halloween New EnglandWe've just posted our incredibly popular Opening Night Guide for New England Haunted Houses, Haunted Trails, Haunted and Flashlight Corn Mazes, and Haunted Hayrides right on our website so it's easier for you to find which attractions are ready to scare the daylights out of you (and we've got opening nights listed for non-haunted flashlight mazes too).
We'll continue to update the guide as more haunted attractions confirm their opening nights.

For the love of Pete, don't keep this valuable guide all to yourself! Remember to SHARE the Opening Night Guide with your fellow thrill-seeking, adrenaline-junkie, Halloween-obsessed friends.
Die-hard fans know that Halloween "season" really starts in September so you'll be happy that several haunts and trails will be opening in mid-September and plenty more will debut by the end of the month.

We understand how time-consuming it can be --oh boy, to we know!-- to sort through dozens of websites and Facebook pages to confirm when the local haunts, trails, mazes and haunted hayrides will be opening up for the season. 

Pixel Perfection After Dark Haunted House Photo_Halloween New England
Rather than have all of our beloved, Halloween- loving fans spend their precious hours doing the research we did it all ourselves and compiled the opening nights into a handy guide to help you plot and line up your thrills this Halloween season.

Stay tuned for more guides all season long including our Guide to Haunted Attractions Open on Sundays and Weeknights for the folks who love to check out haunts on off-peak nights.
As always, we'll also publish our Guide to Haunted Attractions Open on Halloween by early October.

We're honored to continue our partnership with New England's own insanely talented The Pixel Perfection: After Dark whose ultra-creepy, nightmare-inducing photos will continue to populate our guide and Facebook this year. We know you love Pixel Perfection: After Dark's photos as much as we do...just please don't steal their photos! Why not just follow them on Facebook to express your admiration or even better, hire them to capture your Halloween attraction or event!