Saturday, July 26, 2014

New and Improved Halloween New England - A Bigger, Better, Interactive Guide for 2014

I've learned that no matter how early you start a big project, things will always come down to the wire. Haunted house builders are notorious for planning new scenes and rooms in December yet they find themselves 10 months later squeaking in those final details on opening night. In our quest for delivering the best product or experience, it's just what happens. Website upgrades are certainly no exception...and yes, we've been planning since last December too.
With the ambitious plans we have for the 2014 Halloween season, including the addition of a new companion website New England Fall Events, we've been working feverishly to have all  the various inter-working pieces come together. We've got a few left to integrate but it's hard to miss how drastically improved the site is already.

This fall, Halloween fans have much to look forward to. Here are some of the the highlights:

More. When it comes to planning your nighttime fall activities, having all the information you need in one place is essential. That's where we come in. 

Salem Attraction Guide on Halloween New England
Salem Attraction Guide on
Halloween New England
Easy. It's a snap to find what you need on Halloween New England. You already know where you plan to be (state) you have an  idea of what you want to do (haunted hayride) and in two clicks you have all the places where you could spend your evening right at your fingertips. 

Useful. Every single attraction on Halloween New England has a special page with a list of features about their business along with a map, their contact info, and website if they have one. When you make your plans, you can get directions in one click right from their page on Halloween New England.

Maps. Click on the state where you plan to spend your time and you find a map with all the attractions available in any region. Click on the dot and you've got a link to their page on our website where you can find more info. It's a democratic system at Halloween New England--everyone is included--not just the biggest places around.

Halloween New England Interactive Attraction Map
Halloween New England's new
 Interactive Attraction Map
Plan well. If you're like us, you spend your September and October adventuring to as many nighttime and seasonal activities as you can while they are open. There's just one all-too-short season to squeeze it in and get your thrills. We know it's essential to be able to plan carefully and well. How else can you fit in a flashlight corn maze and a haunted trail in a single evening? Our state attraction maps are the key to helping you know which activities are within driving distance and which you can reasonably accomplish in the same night.  

Inspiration. We'll send out weekly updates to make sure you know about events and special activities coming up for the weekend. If you are more of the spontaneous type, we've got your back.

Amity Road Horror CT Halloween New England Listing
Sample Attraction Page
for Amity Road Horror
Focus. This year Halloween New England is more, well, Halloween-y. We've moved most of our daytime events over to New England Fall Events in order to focus on nighttime attractions, haunted houses and trails, ghost tours, Salem attractionspumpkin patches, costumes, and Halloween events. The new site is less family-focused yet it's an invaluable tool for families planning which events and tours are suitable for their kids or teens and which night attractions are simply held at night and are non-scary. 

Pride. Really, where else would you want to be during the Halloween season than in New England? New Englanders know how to do Halloween right and our website gives you hundreds of ways to support your local small businesses and seasonal attractions. These are your neighbors and many of them spend the entire year dreaming up new and innovative ways to give you a kickass October. 

Geek out. Halloween New England allows you to be the Halloween superfan you always wanted to be. Go ahead, surrender.

We can't wait to hear your thoughts and feedback about the new site. Stay tuned for more updates throughout the season!