Wednesday, September 27, 2017

2017 Opening Night Guide for Haunted Attractions across New England

Fall officially began this past week and on Thursday we kicked off the New England haunt season! Though the weather has been a bit steamy lately, before we know it crisp weather will be here and fall will feel like it ought to. 

When haunts open up, it also signals the beginning of Halloween New England's season too. Eight haunted attractions opened up last weekend which must surely be a record for the next to last weekend in September and we say, bring it on! This weekend--Sept 29th and 30th -- will be another monster weekend for haunted attraction opening nights--twenty-three more opening!--and by the time October arrives we'll be in full swing.

Halloween New England Opening Night Guide to Haunted Attractions The Pixel Perfection After Dark
We know how time-consuming it can be to sift through dozens of websites to find out when the local haunts, trails, flashlight and haunted mazes and haunted hayrides will be opening up-- Halloween New England to the rescue! 

Rather than have tens of thousands of New England haunt fans separately spending precious hours researching the info, we did it all for you. We compiled all the haunts' opening nights into a nifty guide to help you plot out and plan for your thrills this season.

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Stay tuned for more guides all season long including our Guide to Haunted Attractions Open on Sundays and Weeknights for the folks who love to check out haunts on off-peak nights and our Guide to Haunted Attractions Open on Halloween is for well, isn't it obvious?

We're thrilled to be teaming up again with New England's own uber-talented The Pixel Perfection: After Dark whose incredibly creepy and inspiring haunt photos populate the guides again this year. As always, we know you love their photos...just please don't steal their photos! Why not just follow them on Facebook instead or hire them to capture your Halloween attraction or event?

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